Power Plants

Yashil Co. with his focus on environmental projects provides diversified services for power plants and energy sector. Main products include intake screens, cooling systems and whole water and waste-water utilities for plants....

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We provide engineering services mainly based on our suppliers knowledge and experience, we prefer to be involved in engineering phase of projects and have our comments for better application of equipments, we are enable enough to ...

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Water & Waste-water

Yashil Co. is a pioneer in providing water projects engineering and procurement services, with focus on installation and after sales services. Main products include screens, scrappers and dewatering equipments. ...

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We provide after-sales services through our electrical, mechanical and installation technicians as members of our permanent staff. Our liability to take the responsibility of the equipment we supplied over their operation time ...

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We provide our best offer via diversified portfolio of suppliers based on project needs, we consider project vendor list and project price level and choose most valuable equipment to satisfying our customers ...

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has an important role in our life for a green world; Yashil Co. promotes and provides total solutions in solar systems, wind turbines and also hybrid systems  also hybrid systems ....

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